Computex 2008 – The Roundup

by Rob Williams on June 16, 2008 in Trade Shows

In our last Computex article, I am taking a look at a slew of products from a few different companies that had a lot to offer, such as OCZ, Thermaltake, ECS, Gigabyte, Foxconn and others. Included is a look at numerous motherboards, video cards and even some power supplies.


Thermaltake… is huge. So at each event, they always have a slew of product to show off, and Computex was no exception. Many new coolers were on display, as well as their new chassis’. Once again, I’ll let this lot of images explain themselves.

Sorry in advance for the ridiculous picture quality. For reasons unknown to me, I had thought setting to a high ISO setting would be a good idea at one point, and then forgot to change it back before taking these photos.

Finally, on the next page we’ll take a quick look at a few other cool things from companies that didn’t have enough to fill a page.