Computex 2008 – The Roundup

by Rob Williams on June 16, 2008 in Trade Shows

In our last Computex article, I am taking a look at a slew of products from a few different companies that had a lot to offer, such as OCZ, Thermaltake, ECS, Gigabyte, Foxconn and others. Included is a look at numerous motherboards, video cards and even some power supplies.


ECS might not have had a lot on display that grabbed my attention, but this passively-cooled 8800 GT card from NVIDIA did. I often wondered why no one created such a thing, especially since it’s not a card that runs that hot. Surely, if a 9600 GT could be passively cooled, then the 8800 GT, which isn’t too much faster, could be as well.

I’ll admit, the cooler design itself isn’t that great-looking, but that comes with the territory of passive coolers. Silence comes first, and looks come nowhere at all. It’s nice to have this option, though, especially if you are running an HTPC, and happen to have room for a taller-than-normal video card.

I’m no power supply enthusiast, but the color and design of these look great. Unless the design is a subtle hint that these PSUs are bound to blow up your machine… I’m not sure. These are from In Win, and I’m unsure when they’ll become available.

I have been a huge fan of Zalman’s 9700 CPU cooler since it first came out, so my interest was piqued when I saw the brand-new 9900 on the shelf. It’s a bit larger in design and now is split into two sections, to accommodate a center fan. Looks sharp.

That about wraps up our Computex coverage, and yes, it took us a while to get this far, but we admit it! For a little more coverage, please check out our news posts from a few weeks ago, where I took a brief look at Asetek’s hardcore yet silent machine and also VIAs latest miniITX spec.

Stay tuned as we’ll be taking a look at a few products shown in this article in the near future. We’ll also be attending a few cool events this summer that we’ll be reporting from, so check back often.

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