Cooler Master COSMOS S

by William Kelley on February 26, 2008 in Cases & PSUs

In the world of computer cases, it seems that far too many do not stand out from the crowd. Cooler Master has decided to break tradition and create something special. With many features not seen before and full eATX compatibility, how well does the Cosmos S stand out?

Page 1 – Introduction

When it comes to selecting a case for that new computer you’ve finally decided to build, there have never been so many options. Even just a few years ago, all you really had to choose from were a few very high priced custom units, or the bland solid black or white square box. Now, the level of quality in most pre-customized cases is something to behold.

Cooler Master has a good track record for building a solid case for the money. Most everyone knows of the original Stacker with its incredible size and space. They have even made some good in-roads to the budget market with the 690 and 830 series. All around, they have been delivering solid units for a good price.

Today, we look at their new case, the COSMOS S. The original COSMOS was a good case. It was large and had lots of room for exotic cooling, DVD drives, Hard drives and more. The one drawback noted by most was the weight.

It was a steel monster and was quite a handful. The COSMOS S is an all aluminum case weighing only roughly 30lbs empty. That still might sound like a lot, but when you consider the size of this case, it is very modest. Let’s see just how well of a job Cooler Master has done with this new breed.

Closer Look

Arriving in the tried and tested colorfully printed box, I was taken back a step when I got to see just how large the box is. I knew this was a full tower case, but all I could say was “WOW!”

Aside from the usual foam packaging and plastic wrapping, Cooler Master took it up a notch and further wrapped it up with a strong cloth bag.

Once unwrapped, we get a good look at what was so carefully packaged. The body of the case is gunmetal grey with the brushed aluminum side panels being black along with the front and top face.

On the next page, we will continue on with our look and then follow-up with our installation thoughts.

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