Cooler Master HAF 932 Full-Tower

by William Kelley on November 17, 2008 in Cases & PSUs

Finding an affordable chassis that’s both large and feature-packed can be a little difficult, but Cooler Master’s latest HAF 932 delivers on all accounts, and the goods don’t stop there. This steel full-tower features huge interior space, great ease-of-installation, many bundled fans, hardcore design… all on top of having a price tag that’s easy to stomach.

Features Cont., Final Thoughts

Down at the bottom, the folks at Cooler Master were using their heads when they made the power supply support easily removable with 6 screws to allow for the radiator mounting. If you choose to mount your power supply here, there is ample ventilation to orient the fan down for drawing cool outside air in.

The PCI slot expansion covers are made out of mesh to allow yet more air to move freely outside. While it seems like a small thing, this is an area where your video card can store heat, especially if you run multiple cards in SLI/CrossFire.

Looking at the inside of the top of the case you can see just how much room is available for cooling. The area behind the CPU is also removed to allow air to flow behind the motherboard.

A quick push of the tab and the front of the hard drive holder swings out unlocking it from the cage and allowing you to slide it out. There are no tools or screws need to secure the drive into the holder or back into the cage.

The extras included are as follows:

  • Large assortment of mounting hardware.
  • A 5¼-to-3½ drive bay converting cover.
  • An eight-inch CPU power extension.
  • 4 swiveling casters to be mounted to the bottom of the case.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this case was an absolute dream to work with. There’s a large amount of room to take advantage of, and even the biggest and baddest of CPU air coolers will fit without a problem. There are few sharp edges to be on the lookout for, but you really need to be putting your fingers where they don’t belong to find them.

Wire maintenance has also been well laid out and is easy to set up. There are many loops on the backside of the motherboard tray for wire ties and any other sort of attaching gear you desire. There is plenty of room between the back panel and the side panel for routing wires where they need to be. Even a newcomer will have no trouble making their first install look like a pro job.

After I completed the build, I was looking through the window on the side and had to laugh. It almost looks as if you put your hardware in some sort of prison, with the wire mesh-style decal on the upper-side of the window and the mesh below.

All in all, I feel I must give this case a 9 out of 10. Once again I’m sitting here and just thrilled to have had fun building a PC. During my time as a reviewer, I have had the pleasure of working with all sorts of makes and models. Today, I can confidently state this is the most flexible chassis I’ve ever touched. Case modders may not like the fact that most if not all the work has been done for them, but the average Joe is sure going to appreciate it.

Any way you look at it, I feel that Cooler Master has knocked one out of the park with the HAF 932. With its immense interior and out of this world flexibility, you just cannot find anything else that will suit so many tastes. While the styling might be cold and industrial on the outside, it is well planned and lay out on the inside. If you want that hardcore mod feel to your next build and don’t want to do the work then you have no need to look further.


  • Superb airflow with numerous fans included.
  • Cavernous interior.
  • Top-rate flexibility.
  • Water-cooler’s dream.
  • Good value for your hard earned cash.
  • Included hardware (with casters!) is thorough.

  • Made of steel, so it’s very durable.
  • Exterior styling is a hit or miss depending on your personal taste.
  • Hard drive holders somewhat flimsy.

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