CoolIT PURE Silent Liquid CPU Cooler

by William Kelley on February 11, 2008 in Cooling

Having the ability to overclock a Quad-Core processor while keeping your machine quiet used to be a pipe-dream, until CoolIT’s latest CPU cooler came into the picture. With the PURE, we managed a nice 3.67GHz clock on our QX6850, all while being able to hear our hard drives over the cooler.

Page 4 – Final Thoughts

I had my honest doubts that the PURE was going to be overwhelmed by the Quad-Core. You may look at this result and think that 85°C is much too hot to be running your processor at. Purists are quick to state that you need to keep it at a much lower temperature. The truth is, Intel’s Quad-Cores are designed to withstand near 100°C temperatures for extended periods of time.

At 3.67GHz, I let it run for nearly 2 hours before settling on a load temperature. The results were the highest recorded temperature throughout all of the stressing. Considering the small tube size of ¼” and the near silence of the fan, I am definitely impressed with my results.

Most people will never run a Quad-Core fully loaded. Even if they did, chances are they will not have it there for hours on end. The fringe group that does run them full throttle all the time would hardly bat an eyelash at the thought of warming it up. I personally was fully comfortable running it at these temperatures.

Considering the relatively low cost of the PURE, I would have to say that my results were very good, when compared to air. I would have liked to see the load temperatures stay under the 80°C mark but I feel this type of cooler, no matter who produces it, would have the same heat load issues the PURE did – and they would have been much louder in the process.

After taking everything into consideration, I am awarding the PURE an 8 out of 10. It met every expectation that I had, and even exceeded my expectation in regard to the full load of the overclocked CPU. I watched the needle climb past the 80°C mark with my finger on my power switch. I kept waiting for it to just become overwhelmed with the heat load and burst over the 100°C safety threshold.

Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours. When all was said and done, the PURE did its job and did it well. I ran the load test for over 8 hours and the temps never exceeded 84°C. In fact, they would fluctuate between 79°C and 84°C at any given time.

If you demand lower temperatures, be prepared for the sound of a jet engine since any cooler out there will require high CFM fans and superb airflow. If you want quiet, then this is one of the lowest price viable options out there.

For those that will invariably compare this product to a full blown custom water cooling loop remember the main point behind a product like this, the cost. You simply cannot build a custom water cooling solution for the same cost and get any better results. I will agree that you can spend double and warrant better performance, but there goes the budget. Overall, I enjoyed my time with the PURE and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking for an efficient solution that is also extremely quiet.

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