Corsair 1GB TWIN2X1024-8500

by Rob Williams on May 1, 2006 in Miscellaneous

Without a doubt, DDR2 memory is becoming increasing popular, especially with an AM2 launch coming up. Corsair has given us some memory that’s worth talking about. While it’s only a 1GB kit, it’s the fastest 1GB kit you can get your mitts on.

Page 4 – EVEREST 2.22, 2.80 & MemTest

EVEREST is another great memory benchmarking program, because it allows you to get values for not only Read and Write, but latency. I prefer the good ole 2.22 (2005) version because I find it more accurate than the newer version, but I have included 2.80 benchmarks for you diehards out there.

Our 8500 has taken the cake for the top Read and Latency results, but is slightly back in the Write side of things. Clearly, there are some obvious benefits to 2GB kits that I didn’t realize before.

Things are looking good in 2.80 also. Of course, here’s the reason why I don’t trust 2.80 like I do the older versions. Each result is clearly better than anything in 2.22, and the Write results are almost doubled??

MemTest 1.65+

MemTest is not really a benchmark, but rather a memory error checker. I use it to grab the bandwidth value though, because as you overclock it, it will go higher. It gives you a quick and general idea of whether your overclock did any good or not.

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