Corsair 2GB TWINX2048-4400PRO

by Rob Williams on May 16, 2006 in Miscellaneous

Corsair once again wants the top spot in the DDR market, and they have it. The 4400PRO is the only 2GB kit available at these speeds, which is reason enough to check them out. Well, they prove very fast as we had hoped, despite the somewhat loose timings. Let’s take a deeper look.

Everest, Sandra

EVEREST is another great memory benchmarking program, because it allows you to get values for not only Read and Write, but latency. I prefer the good ole 2.22 (2005) version because I find it more accurate than the newer version, but I have included 2.80 benchmarks for you diehards out there.

These are some impressive results. Most notably, the 272MHz configuration with 3-3-2 timings proved to be our best shot. At the time, I didn’t consider to try 275MHz with the same timings, but that setting proved stable in tests I performed quickly earlier. Stock speeds with those timings would be a *tad* better than the 272MHz, but nothing mind blowing. Either way, these are great results.

In the newest version of EVEREST, we can see that going from 1T to 2T makes a huge difference in the Write department. Generally, 1T to 2T will make a difference regardless of how you look at it, but it seems to affect the Write speed more than anything else.


SANDRA is by far one of the most popular memory benchmarking tools out there, and for good reason. The reason I personally like it, is because you have the option of tweaking countless settings in order to benchmark to your liking. I run benchmarks using default settings in addition to unbuffered.

This memory brought upon the best results I have seen on my machine. Unlike the previous EVEREST tests, 275MHz with stock timings seemed a smidgen better than the 272MHz settings with tighter timings. I have to admit this is strange. Considering the 272MHz settings were completely stable, they should prove faster than stock. Again, I will blame Infineon ;)

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