Corsair 2GB XMS PC4000 Platinum

by Rob Williams on October 31, 2005 in Miscellaneous

Corsairs back, and they have delivered the fastest memory we have ever tested! Clocked at DDR500 speeds and 3-4-4-8 timings, it’s quite fast on it’s own. Add on the large amount of overclocking headroom, and these modules have serious potential.


Corsair 2GB PC4000 Platinum Overclocking

Since the Ultra-D does not support 2.75v by default, I went with the next highest support voltage of 2.8. The modules were put through a 12 hour MemTest test run, at the stock speeds of DDR500. As hoped, the memory proved clean of any errors, so overclocking was quickly underway. Here is the system being used for testing:

AMD 64 3200+ S939 Venice @ 2.50 – 2.88GHz
Power Supply
Coolmax CXI 400W
2GB Corsair XMS PC4000 Platinum (1024MB * 2)
Hard Disks
160GB Western Digital 8MB Cache
2 * 200GB Western Digital 8MB Cache
Sound Card
Video Card
eVGA 7800GT PCI-E 256MB
Using BETA 81.87 drivers.
Windows XP Professional with SP2

You will immediately notice one thing of the following results, that the timings have not changed an inch. Using between 2.8v and 3.2v, I was unable to tighten the timings at all. I had hoped of being able to tighten them to 3-3-3-8, but this did not prove in my favor. No matter how much I played with the TRC, TRFC and TREF, it did not make enough leeway to make tighter timings possible. In the end, these were my completely stable speeds:

  • 250HTT 3-4-4-8 2.8v – 2.50GHz (MemTest Bandwidth – 3370)
  • 260HTT 3-4-4-8 2.8v – 2.60GHz (MemTest Bandwidth – 3385)
  • 270HTT 3-4-4-8 2.8v – 2.70GHz (MemTest Bandwidth – 3516)
  • 280HTT 3-4-4-8 2.8v – 2.80GHz (MemTest Bandwidth – 3456)
  • 284HTT 3-4-4-8 3.2v – 2.84GHz (MemTest Bandwidth – 3698)

284MHz is a huge accomplishment on these modules, so I am not about to complain about not being able to tighten the timings!

Corsair 2GB PC4000 Platinum Benchmarking

To benchmark these modules, we will be using our regular memory specific tests. First up is Lavalys EVEREST Ultimate Edition. I have to come to love this program and it’s included three tests, Read, Write and Latency. The second program used is the trusted SANDRA 2005, using the Memory Bandwidth test.

So that we can have an accurate comparison to modules at similar speeds, we have included scores of the OCZ 2GB PC4000 Gold kit, as well as the Crucial Ballistix 1GB PC4000 kit. Please note that the scores seen below are not taken from those reviews, but were re-tested the same day as the ones we are reviewing today. Also, the Ballistix is an odd ball because it is a 1GB kit, which were able to handle a CAS of 2.5, while the other kits could not. This will reflect the scores, but will give a general idea of the results when comparing 1GB and 2GB kits.

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