Corsair 2GB XMS PC4000 Platinum

by Rob Williams on October 31, 2005 in Miscellaneous

Corsairs back, and they have delivered the fastest memory we have ever tested! Clocked at DDR500 speeds and 3-4-4-8 timings, it’s quite fast on it’s own. Add on the large amount of overclocking headroom, and these modules have serious potential.

Gaming Benchmarks

Half-Life 2 & Quake IV

To see how the modules are reflected in gaming, I have taken two games, one older and one just released. Half-Life 2 has been out for over a year now, but looking at the graphics capabilities today is still amazing. While testing, I can’t get over just how great the graphics are, especially the special effects, and it’s able to always retain a great frame rate on a decent system.

Since Quake IV was released, we will be using that in our benchmarks to replace Doom III. Why? For one, I am sick and tired of Doom III, and Q4 seems to do an even better job of pressing hardware to the limits. It will be interesting to see if overclocking will affect the frame rate here, because it was rare to see an increase in Doom III.

How we benchmark our games!

At 260HTT, the OCZ clearly dominates. It’s really too bad that memory couldn’t manage a further overclock, or things could have been seriously interesting. That will have to wait until our 4000 EB review in a few weeks I guess ;)

Edit: Woops! It was noticed after all the gaming benches were performed, that 4x AA and 16x AF were being forced in the NVIDIA driver. In addition, Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing was also being forced. All of the figures below were retrieved using these settings, so they should not be compared to other gaming benchmarks around the web.

Quake IV was quite a benchmarking experience. Please note that the Crucial Ballistix settings are run at High and not Ultra like the 2GB kits were. Trying to play the game on Ultra with the 1GB kit was impossible, due to the severe lag. It took an easy 2 minutes for the level to load, and even then I had to wait before I could move. The game was far too choppy.. less than 1FPS. Oddly enough, this could be a strange problem on my end, because it seems others are playing the game on Ultra with 1GB kits just fine. I rebooted and verified settings, but nothing could remedy the lag.

Overall, the performance is very impressive! The memory overclocking to 284MHz proved completely stable throughout all the tests.

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