Corsair 2GB XMS PC4000 Platinum

by Rob Williams on October 31, 2005 in Miscellaneous

Corsairs back, and they have delivered the fastest memory we have ever tested! Clocked at DDR500 speeds and 3-4-4-8 timings, it’s quite fast on it’s own. Add on the large amount of overclocking headroom, and these modules have serious potential.


Corsair 2GB PC4000 Platinum Conclusions

What bad can be said about these modules? Not a damn thing. Not only do these modules perform way better than I had hoped, they come in at a fantastic price as well. Sure, they don’t have the pizzazz as the Pro series with lights, but these modules are solid. I was able to take the stock DDR500 and safely overclock to stable DDR568 speeds. Those speeds were able to set EVEREST and SANDRA records of anything else we have tested before.

Corsair has another set around the corner that have a stock speed faster than these, so I would be very impressed to see if they can overclock higher than the modules tested today. One thing that also makes these sticks so great is the price.. which is currently $280.00US on NewEgg, at the time of writing. When you think about it being only 512MB for $70 for some of the fastest memory on the market, it’s a great deal.

This memory had a lot of headroom, and there may be a chance that we could see these modules go even higher with even more than 3.2v, (If you are that brave). Once again, I am giving the latest from Corsair a 10 out of 10, and our Editors Choice award. I am thinking that it may be some time before we see any faster modules hit our desks, but we’ll see ;)

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