Corsair Special Edition White Graphite 600T Chassis Review

by Ryan Perry on June 1, 2011 in Cases & PSUs

After being left so impressed with Corsair’s Obsidian 650D chassis last month, we couldn’t wait to take the company’s Special Edition White Graphite 600T for a spin to see if it could match or surpass our expectations. Though similar in design to the original, the SE White has a couple of upgrades, and a whole new aesthetic appeal.

Final Thoughts

Yet again, Corsair has impressed me. Having not used any of its cases until the 650D, I’m shown yet again what a good design can do for a build. All components installed flawlessly without tools with the exception of the motherboard and 2.5″ hard drives. Less fiddling with screws and such is A-OK with me.

Cable management was also excellent seeing how there are so many possibilities for routing them through the multiple openings. This helped cut down on overall system clutter and will ensure temperatures are not affected by cables obstructing the air flow.

The case itself is solid and well built, at no time feeling cheap or flexing during the build phase of the review. The tool-less mounting systems for 3.5″ drives and in the 5.25″ bays are solid and the front panel allows for a lot of removable media to be attached at once while providing connectivity for USB 3.0 devices.

Looks may not be everything but to me, this is one of the best looking cases I have seen. There are many who do not like a lot of plastic accents on their cases but the way they are done on the 600T makes it seem like they are part of the metal body. The side panels share the same texture as the plastic accents making for a seamless exterior.

Corsair Special Edition White Graphite 600T Mid-Tower Chassis

What I don’t like to see are the scratches on the motherboard tray, especially for a case in this price range. Maybe someone had a bad day or wasn’t paying attention when the case was being assembled but this should never happen – although a quick bit of touch up with a Sharpie will hide the blemishes.

Carried over is the same issue where the bottom hard drive tray is inaccessible when the top half of the drive cage is mounted to the bottom of the case. I don’t see any way of fixing this due to the fact that if the cage were raised up too much, it would conflict with the bottom right edge of a full size ATX motherboard and one of the cable management areas.

The noisy top fan is also room for concern. I can’t say if our sample simply had a bad fan but no amount of adjustments kept it quiet. The noise came and went when run at 100% but disappeared all together when run at 75% or below.

Corsair Special Edition White Graphite 600T Mid-Tower Chassis

One final point to note, the plastic accents mark very easily if scratched. Even a light brush against one of the other cases left a faint grey mark so beware. Luckily it was cleared up using a very soft pencil eraser.

All of this boils down to a great case with loads of features but be prepared to open your wallet if you plan on using the Special Edition White Graphite 600T for your next build. It retails online for ~$175, which to me, puts it well on the high end of the scale while still coming in quite a bit less than some other cases out there.

I love this case so much that it is now the new permanent home of my personal system. How did the commercial for the Hair Club For Men go? I’m not only the president. I’m also a client. Well I’m not only the reviewer, I’m also a customer.

Corsair Special Edition White Graphite 600T Chassis
Corsair SE White Graphite 600T Chassis

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