Corsair TWINX2048-3500LLPRO CAS2

by Rob Williams on October 10, 2005 in Miscellaneous

Corsair have just launched what they call the fastest ASUS compatible DDR1 memory on the market. At PC3500 and CAS2, these 1GB sticks soar past the competition. Let’s see just how overclockable they are, and see how far we can push them while keeping our beloved CAS2.

Everest, Sandra


EVEREST has been one of my favorite benchmarking programs for a while, but it’s primary focus is CPU and Memory. Whenever I benchmark memory, I always load this program up first, and have become accustomed to using it. You can download it from the Lavalys website if you want to give it a try.

After each successful memory overclock, I ran the memory Read/Write and Latency tests. For Read and Write, a higher score is better, but as for Latency, lower is better.

At 250HTT speeds, we can see that the OCZ PC4000 (Which use Samsung UCCC) memory outperforms the PC3500 overclocked to those speeds, slightly. The Corsair set has a higher Write though. Overall, great scores.

SiSoftware SANDRA

SANDRA is one of the most popular memory benchmarking tools in the world, and is used in countless reviews around the world. They have a solid reputation and their benchmarks are very accurate. You can grab the program from the SiSoftware website.

We can see here again that the OCZ outperforms the Corsair ever so slightly.

Rob Williams

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