Corsair Voyager 4GB Thumb Drive

by Rob Williams on December 6, 2005 in Storage

Thumb drive not providing you enough space for your needs? Corsair’s Voyager thumb drives are very well respected because they are fast and very durable. This one is no exception, except that it offers you a full 4GB of space! Let’s take a look at this spacious drive, and see how it stacks up to the competition.

Page 3 – Security & Conclusion

Included with the Voyager is a small CD which includes a driver and an application. The utility allows you to do a number of things, including formatting, setting a password and even setting a private partition. The password is only useful if you set a hidden partition, because you will be forced to enter a password to read and write to it. The first thing I did was set a simple password, and from that point forward, each time the drive is inserted you will be greeted with a password box even if there is no hidden partition.

I was interested in how the hidden partition worked, so I immediately set one to 1GB. It took about 7 minutes to partition the drive and format them.. not too bad. The formatting process takes longer through the Corsair utility than it does through Windows, which is probably for the better.

Once the process was finished, I took the drive out and then put it back in. When prompted for the password, I cancelled to see if I could still see the hidden partition. The software worked as planned, and I could not see the hidden drive. I also tested the security in Linux, and even still, only the main partition is visible. Needless to say, it’s a pretty secure partition when hidden, so you won’t have much worry of someone getting ahold of your data. The flash utility also guards against Brute-Forcing because after two invalid tries, the software shuts down.

After playing around with the program for almost an hour, I found it to be quite a useful tool, although not incredibly stable. There were a few times when the program halted, and forced a system reboot in order to re-open the program. Another downside is that you can’t use the utility in Mac OS or Linux, so in order to see the hidden drive, you need to be a Windows user.

Final Thoughts

It seemed like just yesterday that I was dealing with a 32MB thumb drive and here we are… already up to 4GB! In time, these things will only get larger, because there’s no sign of slowing down in other parts of the storage market. This is a great thumb drive overall, I can’t see why anyone would not be satisfied with it. The only two problems I had with the drive was the fact that I could not reach a 13MB/s WRITE, although it’s advertised as such. The other reason was the somewhat instable software, which I tested in three different Windows installations. If you use x64 as your primary OS, you do not need to worry about the software not working, because it does.

If you are in need of huge storage in your pocket, then this is a drive you will want to consider. The Voyager is no doubt one of the smallest solid state drives that offers this much memory, and it’s a very reasonable price as well. If you don’t require 4GB, then you should definitely consider one of the smaller Voyager models, or even the OCZ Rally if WRITE speed is very important to you. Overall, this is another quality product from Corsair that you will not be disappointed with.

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