Crucial 2GB DDR2-1066 Ballistix Tracer

by Rob Williams on April 27, 2007 in Miscellaneous

It’s not often that Crucial releases a new high-end kit, but they’ve finally caught up to everyone else and released Ballistix clocked at DDR2-1066. Today we are taking a look at the Tracer version and look to see how far we can push them over stock.

Everest, Super Pi, Sciencemark

Next on the list is Everest 3.5, with it’s read/write and latency tests. We broke through the 8K mark in our read tests and burst through 5,500 in our write. These benchmarks are heavily CPU bound as well though, so the higher your CPU frequency, the better effects your memory overclocks will have.

Again, it would have been nice to come a little closer to 50ns, but it’s hard to argue considering the price of the kit. Great performance as far as that goes.

Super Pi

This is not a memory benchmark per se, but rather one that stresses a single core of your CPU to it’s full potential. Because it crunches such an insane amount of digits, tighter timings and faster memory generally offers better results. We choose to run with an 8 million test, as anything lower flies by too fast on a Core 2 Duo and it’s hard to generally see the differences that way.


Though it’s no longer in development, Sciencemark is a tool I still like to keep in my chest… err thumb drive. It gives results far more in-depth than other benchmarking programs out there, although you’d have to be an engineer to care for -all- the information it delivers. It generates a bandwidth result just like Everest and Sandra does, and is effected by higher CPU clocks.

Finally, let’s compare this kit to others previously reviewed.

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