Crucial Ballistix 1GB Kit PC3200

by Rob Williams on June 20, 2005 in Miscellaneous

With so many companies now offering performance memory, it makes it harder to choose which one to buy. We are taking a look at Crucial’s offering, the Ballistix PC3200. Is their memory worth a purchase? Let’s check it out.

Everest, Sandra

One of the best features of the DFI UT Ultra-D motherboard, is obviously the immense overclocking abilities. DFI gives you full control over every aspect of the memory, which makes things very simple for testing.

To find each stable configuration, I ran test #5 in MemTest to see quickly if I could get an error. If the configuration passed ok, then I proceeded to go through 2 full tests. If it gets through those two tests fine, then I proceed into Windows test benchmark using EVEREST and SANDRA. For game benchmarks, I used the stock, medium overclock and maximum overclock settings.

I’ll start with two sets of well known benchmark programs, EVEREST and SANDRA.

As you can see, I managed to push the memory to DDR561 speeds. While running at these speeds though, the computer worked great, until I tried to do CPU intensive benchmarks. So it seems that the memory can push DDR561 quite well actually, but my CPU was the bottleneck here. This is understandable, however, due to the fact that my CPU was clocked at 2.85GHz, and was still on stock air. Watercooled, I am sure that the computer would be completely stable.

Rob Williams

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