Crucial Ballistix 1GB Kit PC3200

by Rob Williams on June 20, 2005 in Miscellaneous

With so many companies now offering performance memory, it makes it harder to choose which one to buy. We are taking a look at Crucial’s offering, the Ballistix PC3200. Is their memory worth a purchase? Let’s check it out.

3D Mark, Far Cry

Off for a run of gaming benchmarks. We first run 3D Mark 2001, since it’s relies more on the CPU than any other version. We also take runs through Half-Life 2, Far Cry and Doom III. Doom and Half-Life was run at 640*480, and Far Cry was run at 800*600, as it does not support 640*480.

Very impressive results! One oddity though, is that Far Cry performed worse with DDR540 than it did with DDR436. I can’t begin to speculate why, as the memory was not overheating in any way. We can also see in 3D Mark, that upping the module and CPU speed, cranked out considerably better results, as expected.

Rob Williams

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