Crucial Ballistix 1GB Kit PC4000

by Rob Williams on July 11, 2005 in Miscellaneous

In the world of fast performance memory, Crucial sometimes get’s overlooked. We are taking a look at their PC4000 Ballistix, which we hope will prove overclocker friendly, as were the PC3200’s. Let’s check them out!

Page 3 – Sandra, Everest

One of the best features of the Ultra-D motherboard, is the great overclocking headroom in the BIOS. Since the motherboard gives you complete control over memory timings, it makes things easy in testing the modules. Recently, there has been a new Oskar Wu beta BIOS released, that adds the 233MHz (7/6) and 250MHz (5/4) dividers. For the DDR600 speeds, I used the 7/6 divider.

To find each stable configuration, I ran test #5 in MemTest to see quickly if I could get an error. If the configuration passed ok, then I proceeded to go through 2 full tests. If it gets through those two tests fine, then I proceed into Windows test benchmark using EVEREST and SANDRA. For game benchmarks, I used the stock, medium overclock and maximum overclock settings.

To start out, I’m testing the memory using EVEREST Ultimate Edition, and SiSoft SANDRA 2005.

Looking at the EVEREST readings. We can see that at PC3200 speeds, the PC4000 easily outperformed the PC3200 modules. It seems that the PC4000 proved faster in the Read and Latency tests, but fell short in the Write tests. At DDRO600 speeds, we see a huge read speed of 7,702MB/s.

Looking at the SANDRA readings now. Once again, at PC3200 speeds, the PC4000 modules performed better. We almost hit 7500 Int with the DDR600 settings!

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