Crucial Ballistix 1GB Kit PC4000

by Rob Williams on July 11, 2005 in Miscellaneous

In the world of fast performance memory, Crucial sometimes get’s overlooked. We are taking a look at their PC4000 Ballistix, which we hope will prove overclocker friendly, as were the PC3200’s. Let’s check them out!

Page 4 – 3D Mark, FarCry, Doom

Now to the graphical tests. We are first taking a look at 3D Mark 2001, since it’s still pretty CPU/Memory reliant. We also are running through Half-Life 2, Doom III and Far Cry. Doom and Half-Life were run at 640*480, while Far Cry was run at 800*600. All three games are at the lowest detail possible.

It’s not a surprise, but we can see once again, that the PC4000 performed better than the PC3200 at the exact same speeds. At the max overclock of DDR600 though, the 27,084 score sets a new record for my system.

The PC4000 performs amazingly here. In the PC3200 review, running them at DDR540 slowed down Far Cry in the benchmark, but not here. In Doom III, oddly enough, the PC4000 performs significantly better throughout the tests.

Finally, in Half-Life 2, the different speeds hardly made a difference to the frame rate. I admit, I don’t believe these scores, but they are what the Half-Life 2 benchmark spit out. The same FPS between 2.0GHz and 2.8GHz seems unlikely.

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