CrystalFontz CFA-635

by Matthew Harris on April 11, 2006 in Peripherals

With the cornucopia of fan controllers and temperature monitors on the market today it’s not very often that you run across one that brings a whole lot more to the table. Today we’re taking a look at one that brings more than just fan speed control and simple temp reporting.

What You Get

By this point I’m sure that most of you (My editor included) are wondering "Where in the heck are the pics?" Well, I’m getting to that.

The CFA-635 (As I’m going to call it from here on out for the sake of my sanity) arrived in what is comparably a tiny box. No huge box filled with peanuts for this bad boy. The module was packed in its own anti-static bubble envelope with the SCAB pre-attached. I like it when some of the guesswork is removed from the equation. The external USB cable was in a standard poly bag while the sensors, internal USB cable, fan extensions, WERXTY15 and power cable were all in their own poly bags inside another anti-static bubble envelope.

The face of the CFA-635 has a plastic film over the face of it to prevent any sort of damage in shipping. The film is die cut to allow the buttons to protrude through it thereby not being mashed by it during the entire time the unit is in storage and in transit. Nice touch. With it removed you can see the beauty of the bay mount. I love the look of brushed aluminum.