Danger Den TDX Block, MAG Pump, DD MAG II and Maze 4 GPU Block

by Greg King on August 3, 2006 in Cooling

Are you looking to delve into the world of water cooling, but don’t know where to start? Danger Den has sent us a slew of products to get our rig up and running, including the new AMD TDX block. Since this is also my first high-end water cooling rig, I relay my experiences to you.


Moving onto the reservoir, we are working with a Danger Den made, single 5 1/4 bay reservoir. The reservoir is made out of clear acrylic and does not have any sharp edges. At the front of the reservoir, there is a fill port where you obviously fill up your loop with distilled water or whatever else you want to run through your loop.

  • Laser Cut Cast Acrylic Material
  • 3/8″ Thick Acrylic Side and Back Pieces
  • Water-tight seals and pressure-leak test
  • ed.

  • Fits in One (1) 5 1/4 Drive Bay
  • Uses HIGH FLOW FITTINGS (See Picture)
  • One (1) inlet and One (1) outlet fitting for higher reliability
  • Two (2) Pre-Drilled 5mm LED Holes (See Picture)
  • Easy to install/Refill Center divider to eliminate air bubbles
  • 4 Fan Mounting Screws
  • Contoured edges and corners – injury free install

Again, from the pictures and the specs, you can see that this reservoir is also using the high flow fittings.

There you have it. There really isnt a whole lot to it, but this is a piece that doesnt really need to be complicated. All it needs to do is look good and it does this wellat least empty.

Also included in the kit was 7 feet of Tygon tubing as well as a small bottle of Zerex super coolant. I have worked with the Zerex stuff before and have not noticed a difference in temperatures in the past. It also is not UV reactive and clouds up the water a slight bit so this will not be used. The tubing however is sold directly from DD and can be purchased in one foot intervals. At $2.80 (US) a foot, this is not something that you want to get too much of but I have found that 7 feet is ample when setting up a loop in your computer. There was even some extra when I was done to add my second 7800 GT to the loop but I did not have a water block at that time.

Once again, not much to this but its certainly vital to have quality components when you are building a water loop in your PC.

Last but not least, we get to the water pump.

The pump is incredibly important to all water loops. You have to have good flow over your blocks or the setup is not going to cool as well as it should. The pump we are using today is from Danger Dens famous DD5, but is made by DD themselves.