Danger Den TDX Block, MAG Pump, DD MAG II and Maze 4 GPU Block

by Greg King on August 3, 2006 in Cooling

Are you looking to delve into the world of water cooling, but don’t know where to start? Danger Den has sent us a slew of products to get our rig up and running, including the new AMD TDX block. Since this is also my first high-end water cooling rig, I relay my experiences to you.


As the review showed, my PC, when cooled with the Danger Den kit had a sharp decrease in temperatures. My initial thoughts were that this was going to cool kick air cooling right in the junk and in most cases this is correct. Perhaps I was wrong to think that it would cool any lower but I was aiming for mid twenties. I know this is obtainable and I will continue to work on it.

I was most impressed with the drop in my GPU temperatures. The temps fell almost 10 degrees going from stock cooling to the Maze4. This has allowed me to overclock my GPU from 445 MHz all the way up to 525 MHz and run that stable. Thats a nice 80 MHz increase and my benchmarks show the difference.


  • Quality hardware
  • Almost silent
  • No leaks
  • Effective
  • Sexy

  • Price (But you get what you pay for)

As you can see, the only real complaint I have with this setup is the price. While I would gladly pay the $200 – $300 price that a comparable kit like this would cost, most people do not have that kind of money laying around me included. The results speak for themselves. Danger Den has been supporting the PC enthusiast for a long time and their latest hardware is no different. The installation was a breeze and the results were worth the effort.

One thing I would like to see addressed is a solution for us DFI Ultra-D owners. The PCI-E slots are just too close to get a proper bend for SLI cooling. With a pair of GTs, the Tygon would not bend enough to get to the other card without kinking. I tried an internal spring as well as zip ties to combat the kinks. While these worked, the tube, with either of the solutions installed, would end up pulling my cards apart and the last thing I want to do is to damage my cards. Perhaps a pre-bent polypropylene 180 degree joint would work. I am not sure if these are sold anywhere but if they are, DD might want to pick them up. This would certainly help out a lot of people.

Regardless of the price issue, the DD kit is worth every penny. With that in mind, I am giving the Danger Den water cooling kit a perfect 10 out of 10. This met all of my expectations and even surpassed a few.

Please check back later as I will be experimenting with adding a second radiator to the loop, as well as making a custom loop in order to cool my second card and get some SLI loving again.

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