Day of Defeat: Source Updates Impressions

by Rob Williams on June 27, 2006 in Gaming

Valve has unleashed a new DoD: Source update, and this one is a winner. Included is a brand new mode, Detonation, which will be familiar to some CS players. Two new maps and the film grain graphic effect are also included. We give our first impressions inside.


It’s been a little while since we’ve seen any updates for DoD: Source, but Valve is getting ready to add a couple notables. In addition to two new maps, Colmar and Jagd, we are also greeted with a few new graphic features… and a new mode!

New Mode – Detonation

Detonation. Doesn’t that speak for itself? Think Counter-Strike… and the bomb mode. Basically, each level will include a spot that has some TNT lying around. You can pick them up and keep them on you, one at a time. If it’s your duty to blow up one of the three opposing tanks on a map, you will first have to find the TNT and then strap it to the side. If you can keep it there for around 40 seconds, it will blow up.

Both Colmar and Jagd have three pieces of equipment to be blown up, and each need to be blown up twice before it’s done for the rest of the match. In Colmar, both sides have the same goal… to find the opposing sides equipment and blow it up. However in Jagd, it’s the US Army against the Wehrmacht, where the Wehrmachts are the ones doing the blowing up.

For those interested, here are the maps for each of the levels.

Here are a few select screenshots from various points around each level.


This is a great level that takes place in France. The TNT is located directly in the center of the level, atop a bridge. You will experience a lot of combat on this bridge, because both sides have to come here in order to get acquire any of the TNT. If you are more interested in helping your team by killing off the opposers, you can sneak around the bridge underneath, which is completely ice covered. You will not slip on it though… it’s ice with traction!

The level is basically a mirror image, if you cut through the middle. Each team has a similar route to take in order to get to the bombs, and to get to the machines that need to be destroyed. There are a LOT of camping and hiding spots though, so you are best to be quick about looking around corners.

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