Dell 19″ UltraSharp 1907FP LCD Monitor

by Greg King on June 28, 2006 in Graphics & Displays

Are you looking to upgrade your dated CRT or small LCD? Dells 1907FB provides a full 19" viewing area and supports 1280*1024 at 75Hz. It also includes a slew of extra features.. even two USB ports!


The versatility of the 1907 can be seen in the following pictures and can be attributed to the stand that the 1907 sits on. In the pictures, you are able to turn the monitor 90 degrees to the right, giving you a tall and slender screen. While I do not prefer this, for those of you who might, it is good to know that this option is available.


When looking at this monitor, I come away liking almost everything about it. You have a rather large viewing area, crisp DVI picture and USB ports. The Dell 1907 has freed me from my gigantic 19 CRT and allowed me to stack even more junk on my desk than before. Thanks!


  • Large
  • Bright
  • Adjustable Height
  • Small foot print
  • 8ms response time
  • Affordable ($249.99 US at

  • Menu controls could be a bit more robust

Thanks about all the cons that I can say at this point. There could be more options in the setup menu but I am just nick picking now. When compared to my old 19 CRT monitor, everything about it is day and night difference. No more refresh rate flicker, larger screen, crisper picture and much smaller foot print on my desk. When all is said and done, I am awarding the UltraSharp 1907fp a 9 out of 10 as well as my personal editors choice. This is a monitor that I have been using for about a month now and with every application I use, the value of this monitor goes up. The picture quality is astounding and the viewing size is incredible as well.

I leave you now with a few more pictures of the 1907.

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