DFI LanParty UT Ultra-D

by Rob Williams on July 4, 2005 in Motherboards

DFI knows that hardcore gamers are interested in a motherboard with huge overclockability and modding potential. We are taking a look at the UT Ultra-D NF4, which promises just that.

Page 1 – Introduction

A few years ago, if you were to ask me which motherboard I was buying for my next system, I would have likely replied with MSI or ASUS.. of course. Well since that time, the motherboard market has only gotten larger and gives consumers much more variety. DFI knew that to increase their customer base, they had to create motherboards that have feature sets that their competitors don’t.

Going back to 2003, DFI releases their first LanParty motherboard, which was designed to cater to the enthusiast. LanParty motherboards promise great performance, awesome overclocking potential and other features aimed towards gamers. Ever since then.. LanParty boards have grown immensly in popularity. Before we jump into more details, here is a quick bio for DFI and the LanParty series.


About DFI (Diamond Flower International)


DFI is one of the world’s largest and most trustable motherboard and graphics card manufacturers with seniority. DFI also has been taking all expertise into the field of Applied Computing Platforms including KS Series of interactive PCs that has brought DFI further recognition as a leader in the IT Industry rather than a follower. Solid experience in total Innovative Solution sets DFI’s ACP products outstanding from the others.


About LanParty Series


The cutting-edge DFI high-end series LANPartyUT is dedicated to the LAN party & case mod culture, which has been a phenomenon among global PC users. Every model of LANPARTY series has sported the most groundbreaking concepts and technologies and thus has made its performance and design just irresistible.

To make LAN gamers fashion leaders and bring more fun for them, DFI designs the UV sensitive accessories and the stylish black PCB and creates LANPARTY series. With UV Sensitive Illuminated System, LANPartyUT glows under the UV cold cathode light, and thus put LANPARTY owners in the spotlight by catching everyone’s eye during LAN parties.

This review is not going to be as in-depth as others out there. The boards been out for a few months already, and there is no need for another huge review. Being the first motherboard review on the site, we’ll start out slow, and hopefully it will turn out a smooth read.

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