e frontier Poser Figure Artist

by Jen McPherson on December 12, 2007 in Software

Don’t have access to a live model? Neither do most people, which is why an application like e frontier’s Poser Figure Artist exists. This tool gives you full control over a virtual model so that you can create the perfect pose for which to base your art off of. If you are an artist, this is a must-have.

Closer Look, Final Thoughts

There are several different hair styles to choose from for each character. Opening the library, you can pick which style you want and apply it to your model. In order for it to stay in place you have to ‘conform’ it to your model, and this also is the same for clothing. This is easy, for you just select the object, then go to your menu and select Figure> Conform to. Adding props to the scene is easy as well, and these range from background scenery, objects and clothing.

You can also control the lighting for the character, to adjust the shadows on the figure. This is a great feature if you are aiming to get an example of realistic shading for faces. The lighting is controllable in all aspects, including the color of the source light. The lighting controls can be found at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

You are able to render your images as well and are given a great deal of flexibility for it. When you’ve finished a pose or scene you can save the file and use it in your library again. Also, you can export your rendered image so you can use it in a larger format for reference use. Exported files can be adjusted in size, quality and be saved as BMP, FPX, JPG, PCT, PSD, PNG and TIF.

There are a load of features for this program that just can’t be fully explained here. With all the available tools you are able to create a pretty dynamic scene that you can use as reference for your work. My favorite thing about being able to pose my model is that you can get dynamic poses, such as realistic looking flight.

It takes little time to get the pose you’d like, and even with the few tool glitches present it is relatively easy to learn. This would make an excellent program for classroom study. It would be immensely helpful in studying the human form, lighting, dynamic shading, vanishing points and perspective.

I can’t say that this will replace live models or reference photos, but it certainly is a huge aid for any artist. It is dynamic, fun and an asset for artistic creativity. Even with the current models, props, poses, etc, there is an infinite array of posing possibilities. However the program is given even more use with the addition of downloadable content. Content Paradise and other sites dedicated to Poser offers model sets, clothing, and more, some things free for use and others downloadable for a price.

I am awarding Poser Figure Artist not only a 9 out of 10, but an Editor’s Choice award as well.

Poser Figure Artist can be purchase for $49.99USD until the end of this month.

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