Edifier MP300 Portable Speaker System

by Rory Buszka on July 24, 2007 in Audio & Media

Here’s a look at a nifty speaker system that looks like it jumped off the pages of a Sharper Image catalog. Edifier’s MP300 is one of the smallest speaker systems we’ve ever seen, but can it deliver a rewarding sonic experience despite its size?

Page 2 – First Look; Specifications

The packaging of the Edifier MP300 speaker system makes a delightful first impression. It’s colorful, bright, and bilingual. Since Edifier is a Canadian company, the box is labeled both in English and in French. The quality of the carton is also impressive, with a glossy finish and sturdy construction. Chinese cardboard can sometimes be flimsy, and easily damaged in transit, but the materials quality in the packaging makes it evident that we’re not simply dealing with a product of marginal quality. Under the lid of the product box, connection and operating instructions are provided.

Inside the box sits the padded carrying case, which is tasteful and rugged-feeling. The Edifier logo is subtly stamped in the center of one side of the case. (A note: be careful not to place this case next to Velcro. I damaged the fabric surface of the case that way.) Inside the padded case are the system components, riding securely in custom-cut open-cell foam.

The MP300 system includes the two satellite speakers (joined together at the connector), the super woofer, a 12VDC power adapter, and two cables with 3.5mm stereo plugs for connecting the MP300 speakers to your audio source. The short cable is useful for keeping a tidy setup when the laptop’s audio jack is on the side or rear of the laptop. The longer cable is useful for connecting an MP3 player or a laptop whose audio jack is on the front of the laptop. The instruction manual is also enclosed.


As first impressions go, the MP300 system doesn’t make a bad one. Next, let’s look at the features of the system.

Model MP300 Edifier’s MP series are compact speakers for portable use. The series is also populated by the MP210 and MP220.
System Type
2.1 Channel (two satellites and “super-woofer” LF module) The low-frequency reproduction for this system is handled by the tubular “super woofer”, a term likely chosen because such a small bass speaker couldn’t be called a subwoofer.
Frequency Response 75Hz-20kHz These numbers seem more than a little optimistic, given the small size of the MP300 system, but the proof will be in the pudding.
Power Output 2x 2.5W RMS for satellites, 1x 9W RMS for subwoofer 14W RMS isn’t a bad number for a system this small – and small speakers with plenty of power can overcome many limitations otherwise imposed on them by their size.
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 85dB (Greater than or equal to) The amplifier shouldn’t be a source of appreciable noise infiltration.
Input Port 3.5mm Stereo
Miniplug Jack/span>
This is still the most compatible and widely-used way to connect audio devices to speaker systems in this category.
LF Driver 2″ magnetically shielded woofer with neodymium magnet This is a very small driver to be considered a ‘woofer’ in any capacity, though the bandpass-type enclosure could make the difference by boosting output through its range.
Satellite Speaker Drivers 1.5″ magnetically shielded driver with neodymium magnet These are also very small drivers, but the high-strength neodymium magnet systems can improve their efficiency and overall output.
Exterior Dimensions 151mm W x 223mm H x 245mm D (super-woofer), 92mm W x 115mm H x 90mm D (satellite speakers); When I converted these dimensions to inches, they seem like they belong to another product. Perhaps Edifier missed this detail on their site.

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