Enermax Galaxy 850W Modular Power Supply

by Greg King on October 12, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Are you building a huge machine and require a power supply to match? Enermax has got you covered. Their Galaxy 850W fully supports Quad SLI, Quad core CPU, mass amounts of hard drives and your other hardware. It passed with flying colors in our stress tests, so read on.

Page 1 – Introduction

We have taken a look at quite a few power supplies in the time that we have been around and in that time, we haven’t seen anything at robust as the power supply that we have on the bench today. The Enermax Galaxy 850W is by far the largest power supply to have ever come into the Techgage labs, both in raw power and in sheer size as well. This power supply, on paper, appears to be one of the best available at the moment. On paper is one thing but I am more interested in real life numbers and results. Before I get too much further into things, let me introduce Enermax to those of you that might not know who they are.

Enermax was founded in 1990 in the Mecca of the tech world, Taiwan. Since that time, they have focused on the manufacturing of high quality power supplies for enthusiast PCs, industrial PCs and servers. They also produce cases, mobile racks and fans but they are known for their power supplies more than any other product that they sell. With offices in three different continents (North America, Asia and Europe), they have a strong foundation to continue their growth in almost every major PC market on the planet.

With that said, on with the review.


The 850W Galaxy came to us in its retail package. This is the same packaging that you anyone that might purchase this power supply will see when the monster is delivered to your door. The box is colorful and provides you with all the information that you would ever need.

Bah! Once we have the box opened, we see two more boxes, each with the Enermax name and slogan in raised text on the top.

Pretty boxes but what’s inside? In the larger of the two boxes, you see the power supply itself. There is a cardboard sleeve around the power supply itself to protect the paint from scratches during transit. In the smaller box, we find the modular cables, a Velcro pouch for those cables, mounting bolts/screws, unused modular caps, a sticker, the manual and a lanyard. A few fun extras but nothing over the top.

The following picture is a complete round up of all the provided cables. As you can see, there are a lot.

As you can see, this power supply is more than ready for most anything that you can throw at it. You have hard drives? If their SATA, you can connect up to 15. IDE drives or PATA hard drives? How about 9. That’s 24 drives man and you can run them all at once if you so desire. Say you are waiting for the chance to use your old x1600 card for dedicated physics; you have enough cables to power 4 different video cards. Whether or not you are running AMD or Intel, you have the power options. This is a versatile power supply to say the least.

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