Enthusiast Look: Windows XP 32-Bit versus 64-Bit

by Rob Williams on June 8, 2005 in Software

Since Windows XP Pro 64-Bit was released, there has been a lot of speculation of whether it would help current gaming or anything else in general. I put both versions of the OS through a round of benchmarks to see if the 64-Bit does indeed offer any advantage.


Now to get into some benchmarks that ignore the GPU entirely. We first used all nine of EVEREST’s built-in Benchmarks, and put them in a single graph. Each test was run twice, and then averaged off. However, not much averaging took place, as the results were dead on most times.

No large differences here once again. CPU Photoworxx is the only notable, with 150 less points with the 64-Bit XP.

In SiSoftware Sandra 2005, we start to see more of a fluctuation of scores between the 32 and 64 bit. I should note, that for the x64 XP, I used the 64-Bit version of Sandra.

The first three results in the graph are Arithmetic benchmarks, so they are math intensive. The 64-Bit performed better than the 32-Bit in all three, especially with the Dhrystone ALU, scoring more than 500 extra points.

The last two results are both Multi-Media tests, and here we see even more scoring differences. The aEMMX/aSSE3 scored a substantial 4,149 points lower than the 32-Bit. Then we can see it performed better with the Floating-Point iSSE2, scoring 2,508 higher. Depending on what you are doing, you can’t really win or lose here, between the two versions.

Rob Williams

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