Enthusiast Look: Windows XP 32-Bit versus 64-Bit

by Rob Williams on June 8, 2005 in Software

Since Windows XP Pro 64-Bit was released, there has been a lot of speculation of whether it would help current gaming or anything else in general. I put both versions of the OS through a round of benchmarks to see if the 64-Bit does indeed offer any advantage.


For the last test, it was more of a test of interest, as there is no real evidence that a true 64-Bit enviroment would improve any of these. VirtualDub actually has a 64-Bit version, but it would not utilize the Divx Codec, so I had to use the 32-Bit version. For the test, though, I took a 105MB MPEG file, and converted it to a Divx AVI, using the highest quality (Slowest processing) setting. All results are in (Minutes.Seconds)

The conversion process was 1.1% faster with the x64. Definitely not something to get excited over. Even converting very large videos, should not see much of a difference. When the VirtualDub 64-Bit version uses Divx, we may be able to see some differences then.

With ACDSee 7, I converted 771 JPEG images to Bitmaps. They were neck and neck for the full conversion, and ended up with the identical time.

Rob Williams

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