The Sky’s The Limit? Eurocom Sky M5 R2 Gaming Notebook Review

Eurocom Sky M5 R2 Gaming Notebook
by Rob Williams on December 29, 2016 in Systems

Achieving excellent 1080p gaming on a modestly-sized notebook for relatively cheap has long been a difficult proposition, but Eurocom’s Sky M5 R2 is up for the challenge. This $1,399 notebook comes packed with NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 and Intel’s i7-6700HQ – not just enough for 1080p, but good for 1440p to boot. Let’s dive in!

1080p (Native) Gaming Performance

As mentioned on the previous page, I tested Eurocom’s Sky M5 R2 at both 1080p and 1440p. The notebook itself supports only 1080p, but when you’re home, you can rest assured that it will still be able to deliver great gameplay at 1440p, and again, 4K in very limited situations (MOBA-esque titles, namely).

All of this benchmarking is performed hands-on, so no DirectX 12 testing has been included here. Instead, we rely on the trusty Fraps, which is sure to be reaching its EOL soon thanks to its lack of support for the newer APIs (which includes Vulkan).

As with our regular GPU reviews, this page represents the “Best Playable” settings I could find in each game at each resolution. To make things easier, I take advantage of GeForce Experience’s auto-configuration tool to give me a baseline, and then tweak further if I think I could eke a bit more graphical detail out of the GTX 1060 and still retain great framerates. Note that all screenshots were taken at the configuration listed. G-SYNC is disabled for benchmarking.

With that all covered, game on:

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Eurocom M5 R2 Gaming Notebook (1080p)
Battlefield 1
Resolution:1920 x 1080Texture Quality:Ultra
Texture Filtering:UltraLighting Quality:Ultra
Effects Quality:NormalPost Process Quality:Ultra
Mesh Quality:UltraTerrain Quality:Ultra
Undergrowth Quality:UltraAntialiasing Post:TAA
Ambient Occlusion:HBAO

Battlefield 1 is a ridiculous beefy game, but the GTX 1060 manages to push it at high-end detail settings at well above 60 FPS. Not a bad start!

Civilization VI

Civilization VI Eurocom M5 R2 Gaming Notebook (1080p)
Civilization VI
Resolution:1920 x 1080Antialiasing:Off
High-Res Asset Textures:OffHQ Visual:Low
Bloom:OffDynamic Lighting:Off
Shadows:OffShadow Resolution:Off
Overlay Resolution:4096×4096Screen-Space Overlay:On
Terrain Quality:MediumHigh-Res Geometry:On
High-Res Textures:OnHQ Quality Shader:On
Ambient Occlusion:OffHigh-Detail Clutter:On
High-Res Water:OffHQ Water Shader:Off
Reflections:OffAnimated Leaders:Off

It might not be obvious at quick glance, but Civilization VI requires a very high-end PC to run at max detail. However, even though there are many “Off” settings here, the game still looks fantastic, as the screenshot can attest.

Crysis 3

Crysis 3 Eurocom M5 R2 Gaming Notebook (1080p)
Crysis 3
Resolution:1920 x 1080Anti-aliasing:FXAA
Texture:Very HighEffects:Very High
Object:Very HighParticles:Very High
Post Processing:Very HighShading:Very High
Shadows:Very HighWater:Very High
Anisotropic Filtering:x16Motion Blur:Medium
Lens Flares:Yes

When Crysis 3 first came out, it was a pure glutton – incredibly brutal on high-end PCs. But today? Our faster-than-ever GPUs allow it to be run at Very High all-around on a meager mid-range GTX 1060. The game might be a few years old now, but it remains a gorgeous experience.


DOOM Eurocom M5 R2 Gaming Notebook (1080p)
Resolution:1920×1080Anti-Aliasing:TSSAA 8TX
Overall Quality:CustomLights Quality:Ultra
Shadows Quality:UltraPlayer Self-Shadow:Yes
Directional Occlusion:HighDecal Quality:Ultra
Decal Filtering:16xVirtual Texture Size:Ultra
Reflections Quality:UltraParticles Quality:Ultra
Compute Shaders:YesMotion Blur:High
Depth of Field:YesDepth of Field AA:Yes
HDR Bloom:YesLens Flare:Yes
Lens Dirt:YesSharpening:2.0
Film Grain:1.0UI Opacity100%

DOOM isn’t just an incredible experience, it looks great while delivering that experience – even if so many of the surfaces are really shiny. With the GTX 1060, the game can run at max detail and still deliver well beyond 60 FPS.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider Eurocom M5 R2 Gaming Notebook (1080p)
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Resolution:1920 x 1080Anti-Aliasing:FXAA
Texture Quality:HighAnisotropic Filter:16x
Shadow Quality:HighSun Soft Shadows:On
Ambient Occlusion:OnDepth of Field:Very High
Level of Detail:HighTessellation:On
SS Reflections:OnSpecular Reflection:Normal
Dynamic Foliage:MediumBloom:On
Vignette Blur:OnMotion Blur:On
PureHair:OnLens Flares:On
Screen Effects:OnFilm Grain:On

RotTR is about as hardcore a game can get on GPU hardware nowadays, but yet again, the GTX 1060 has enough power to deliver 60+ FPS gameplay at 1080p with high-end detail settings – even NVIDIA’s PureHair.


Steep Eurocom M5 R2 Gaming Notebook (1080p)
Resolution:1920 x 1080Multisampling:None
Overall Quality:UltraEnvironment Quality:Ultra
Texture Quality:UltraShadow Quality:Ultra
Snowtrail Tessellation:HighAmbient Occlusion:SSBC
Post-effect AA:FXAA+Anisotropic Filtering:16x

It’s probably snow surprise by this point, but Steep runs fantastic on the GTX 1060, peaking at 70 FPS with high detail settings. You can enable multi-sampling, but your performance will only go downhill from there.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 Eurocom M5 R2 Gaming Notebook (1080p)
Watch Dogs 2
Resolution:1920 x 1080Geometry:Very High
Extra Details:0%Terrain:Ultra
Vegetation:UltraTexture Resolution:High
Texture Filtering:UltraShadows:Ultra
Headlight Shadows:Your CarWater:High
Reflections:HighScreenspace Reflections:Very High
San Francisco Fog:OffDepth of Field:On
Motion Blur:OnBloom:On
Ambient Occlusion:HBAO+Temporal Filtering:On
Multisample AA:MSAA 2xPost-Process AA:SMAA

Watch Dogs 2 might not be the most graphically impressive game out there, but it still looks great, and requires good hardware to run great. The GTX 1060 fits the bill, although the game proves too much to deliver even higher-end settings (eg: SF Fog, Extra Details).

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Eurocom M5 R2 Gaming Notebook (1080p)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Resolution:1920 x 1080Anti-Aliasing:On
Sharpening:HighAmbient Occlusion:HBAO+
Depth of Field:OnChromatic Aberration:On
Vignetting:OnLight Shafts:On
NVIDIA Hairworks:OnHairworks AA:4
Hairworks Preset:HighNumber of BG Chars:Ultra
Shadow Quality:HighWater Quality:Ultra
Grass Quality:UltraTexture Quality:Ultra
Terrain Quality:HighFoliage Visibility:Medium
Detail Level:Ultra

We wrap up with one of the best-looking games on the entire planet: Witcher 3. This is one game that happens to look great even on weaker hardware, so if you have good hardware, the Sky M5 R2’s the limit. 60 FPS is no problem at all with great graphics detail.

With 1080p covered, let’s hook this notebook up to an external 1440p and test the waters there.

Rob Williams

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