Evercool Nighthawk VGA Cooler VC-F117

by Rob Williams on September 7, 2005 in Cooling

There comes a time, when a stock video card cooler just doesn’t cut it. To get lower temps or better overclocks, you need specially designed coolers to help you achieve what you need. Evercools Nighthawk VGA Cooler, like all others, promise to offer superb cooling, for a great price. Let’s dive right in.

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Now to the best part of the entire process, and the primary reason we are writing this review. Before we had installed the new cooler, we first found the maximum overclock of the 6600GT. The default clocks on the card are 500MHz to the core, and 1000MHz on the memory. To find the most stable overclock, we allowed Coolbits to detect the optimal frequencies, which ended up being 559MHz/1.12MHz.

After we installed the Nighthawk, we let Coolbits do it’s thing again, but it didn’t move too far. It gave us 2 extra MHz on the core, for a total of 561MHz/1.12. To catch our GPU temps, we used one of the most handy tools available, RivaTuner. To really stress the card to acheive high temps, we did a few custom runs through the Ravenholm level in Half-Life 2. Our results follow:

While we see the cooler didn’t make a massive difference, it definitely made a good one. The Nighthawk shaved 5ºC off the load OC temps, for a respectible 62ºC. Overall, the results are what we expected.


It’s easily seen that the Nighthawk VGA cooler does what it promises, to do a better job at cooling your GPU than the stock cooler. In the process, it looks much better than stock by a long shot. If you have a window in your case, it will be doing it’s job to help your PC look cool, especially with the added red LED.

Overall, we give the Nighthawk VGA cooler an 8 out of a possible 10. So far on the site, we have taken a look at two great cooling products from Evercool, and we have another ready for the near future, so stay tuned for that. Thanks to Evercool for the review sample, and also again to Pete for use of his 6600GT!

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