Evercool VC-RHC GPU Cooler

by Rob Williams on May 18, 2006 in Cooling

Evercool is back with another graphics card cooler, and we have high hopes for this one. It looks almost like a toy, but the design could prove very smart. One immediate bonus of the cooler is that it only retails for $20, but let’s see if it’s worth it.

Page 1 – Introduction

EVERCOOL is a company that has been selling some quality products for a while, but since they are from Taiwan, they are still relatively unknown on these shores. Previously, we have taken a look at one of their other GPU coolers, which proved to be a quality product but fell short of being outstanding. Last fall, I also took a look at one of their hard-drive coolers which I still use to this day.

I recently received the VC-RHC at my door, and it immediately caught my eye. I didn’t like the looks of the cooler at all, and it reminded me of a toy. Actually, it somewhat reminds me of what a Transformers GPU cooler would look like if one existed. Either way, I was very interested in seeing it’s performance, because it does have a unique design.


  • The exclusive design of dual heat pipe with special welding techniques enable seamless connection between fins.
  • The heat pipe can help to increase the thermal conductive efficiency.
  • All in one design with easy & quick installation. Compatible with all High-end VGA card in the market now.
  • By using 8cm silent & high air flow fan to help reduce the temperature more quickly.
  • The special fin design with fan, not only for cooling down the high temperature of VGA die, also for the other components.
  • The Unique silver and brief design transpire out the high quality. It is your best choice to using in High-end VGA card.

The VC-RHC arrived in a large plastic casing. The edges of the case were melted shut, so I had to cut the package open with a box cutter in order to get the cooler out. I would really wish companies stop sending products like this, because it’s a pain in the rear to open them. If you need a knife to open it, that’s a problem.

Either way, after I got the cooler out, I noticed there were not many other contents. The additional’s included thermal paste, screws, clips and spring nuts. Perfect time of the year for such a nut also.

After pulling the cooler out of the package and had a closer look, I started to not mind the ‘toyish’ look of it as much. Closely inspecting the design, I could see that there is a lot of potential in this. The plastic casing on top helps direct airflow, so that the air will hit the entire surface of the card. It has small slits on each end to allow the warm airflow to escape.

Directly in the center of the cooler is an 80mm sharp-bladed fan. This is a heatpipe cooler, so it utilizes two pipes to dissipate heat onto the array of aluminum fins to help get the heat out of there quicker. Basically, the heat starts from the core, works its way up the pipes and then flows along the fins, to where it finally exit the cooler. This is a pretty keen design, but tests will tell whether or not it is the best out there.

One thing that immediately didn’t like was the lack of any memory heatsinks. However, due to the design of the cooler, it allows sufficient airflow over the chips, and the fan pushes air over them. So it’s not so much of a problem immediately. It will depend on whether or not the card will be stable or not without the memory chips. We will soon see whether we run into that problem or not.

Overall, despite the VC-RHC looking like a toy, I like the design that EVERCOOL utilized.

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