EVERCOOL WC-F117 Nighthawk Water Cooling

by Greg King on April 17, 2006 in Cooling

Trying to cool your PC on a budget? EVERCOOL may have the solution you are looking for, with their WC-F117 water cooling kit. It comes complete with CPU and GPU blocks and almost everything else you need.


There is a certain progression to everything. An evolution if you will, and today, we are going to touch on the evolution of PC cooling.

There are many ways to keep your hardware cool but we are going to talk about and focus on two. Those two are air and water. A good majority of us use air cooling to keep our PC’s heat in check. Every CPU that we buy comes with a heat sink and fan. The heat sink, usually aluminum or copper draw the heat away from the CPU, and dissipate it off of the heat sink’s fins. The fan blows air over fins and carries the heat away from the CPU. This also applies to video cards and chipset’s as well. Then there is water. Water is a much more efficient way to cool hot hardware. A good water cooling kit can lower your temps better than a air cooler can and can usually do it much more quietly too.

Today we are taking a look at the Evercool WC-F117. Evercool is a company that caters to hardware enthusiasts by offering budget cooling solutions for pretty much anything in your PC that generates heat.

Enough small talk, lets get to the review!

The WC-F117, F117 for short, came in a good sized box. It’s a rather large box but attractive none the less.

As you can see, the marketing on the box is well laid out and provides us with plenty of information. It is very reassuring to know that this unit comes with a strongly pump & radiator.

Moving onto the inside of the box, we get a good view of the packaging. Notice how everything is nicely organized in its respective box.

I mentioned it before but the one thing that you should notice is that each part is in its own separate box. This is useful when opening everything up because you can just put it back into the box to hold it while you organize your tools. As you can see, the kit comes with everything that you will need to install this onto your computer and get it running smoothly. This comes with a water block for your CPU, one for your GPU, plenty of length of hose, the unit itself and a manual. Also included are mounts for Intel and AMD CPUs.