Everest Ultimate Edition First-Look

by Rob Williams on May 17, 2005 in Software

Lavalys just released two new versions of their EVEREST program, Ultimate and Corporate. Each new version proves to be even more useful than the last. These being major version releases, they have launched with four new features. Today, we are taking a look at the Ultimate version.

CPU & FPU Benchmarks Cont.

FPU Julia: This test focuses on measuring the single precision FP performance through the Julia fractal. The code behind this is written in Assembly, so it’s incredibly optimized for both Intel and AMD processors.

FPU Mandel: Julia is focused on 32-Bit, while Mandel is 64-Bit. Just like Julia, Mandelbrot is written in Assembly, and takes advantage of x87 instructions.

FPU SinJulia: This is a modified version of Julia, and measures in 80-Bit. Of course, this is also written in Assembly, and uses Trigonometric calculations and x87 instructions. Wish I memorized this method in high school.

Advanced Hardware Monitor:

This feature was added so that you could monitor your PC’s health. You can keep track of your CPU, GPU and even Hard Drive temperatures. You can also track fan speeds, and your power supplies voltages.

Depending on the sensors in your computer, you may have more or less than what EVEREST spit out for me. Note that it could not detect the temperature of the Radeon 9800 Pro. The program has the capability of tracking the temperatures of your DIMM and Chipset as well.

Another sub-feature of the Hardware Monitor, are the SysTray icons it uses. This helps you keep track of your temperatures, as well as the VCore, as seen in the screenshot. One grip I have about this though, is that EVEREST has to be loaded in order for this to work. You cannot minimize the program to the SysTray to my knowledge, and I couldn’t find any options to do so. If you want this feature, you will have to leave EVEREST constantly running.

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