Everglide g-1000 Pro Gaming Mouse

by Matthew Harris on August 16, 2006 in Peripherals

A good mouse can be hard to find and a bad mouse can be even harder on your mind. Today we take a look at a mouse that has just a slight issue.

I love mice. I find it extremely interesting to see what companies can come up with for the all important pointing device. I’ve seen some mild mice and I’ve seen some wild mice and everything in between. Today we’re looking at the Everglide g-1000 Professional Gaming Mouse. The g-1000 is a pretty basic mouse with a very high DPI of 1600. It’s very high because it’s an optical mouse not a laser mouse. Today most of the mice on the market at 1000DPI and above are laser.

The g-1000 comes in a split blister pack. There is no software and no instructions. There is a sheet that parrots the info on the back of the package but in 8 different languages.

This is so you can see what I’m talking about by info.

The mouse itself is nothing extraordinary. It has the normal left click, right click and mouse wheel buttons. The scroll wheel features a soft detent. Just enough to let you now it’s moved forward or back a notch but not enough to slow your responsiveness down. It’s sadly the best scroll wheel I’ve seen to date. You’ll understand why I said "sadly" in a bit.

Above and below the scroll wheel are the resolution buttons. Up increases the DPI (only if you are below maximum) and down decreases the DPI (again, only if you’re above the lowest setting). There are three DPI settings and they’re 1600DPI, 800DPI and 400DPI. Each push of the associated button either cuts or increases the DPI by half or double. A nice on the fly system for allowing you to shift gears on the fly from frantic firefights to careful sniping.

On the side are two thumb buttons. These can be programmed in game for whatever you’d like to use them for and in windows they operate as forward/back buttons.

The bottom of the mouse features 5 wide low-friction mouse feet. Also on the bottom is the sensor and the model info placard. Pretty basic. In fact the whole mouse is very basic, it deviates from the norm only by the high DPI rates and the adjustment buttons.

Well, there is something else that sets this mouse apart from any mouse I’ve ever used before. The fact that when I hooked it up to my PC it completely hosed my networking settings. Yes, you read that correctly, after hooking this mouse up to my PC my networking settings went south. I spent 12 hours trying to get my PC back online after that but it eventually required a full OS reload to repair the damage.

As a result I used the mouse for about 10 minutes, did no gaming with it and at this point in time I refuse to hook it to my PC ever again. It’s kind of sad since I really did like the scroll wheel and the entire upper surface of the mouse is coated with a non-skid finish. What can you do though? An item like this is equivalent to a hand grenade and having used it once I’m loathe to ever tempt fate again. I’m awarding the g-1000 gaming mouse a 3 out of 10 (I really do love that scroll wheel) and issuing the following warning: Use it at your own peril.

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