EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse – A Big Contender In a Big Market

by Tom Roeder on August 18, 2014 in Peripherals

At this point, it’s hard to believe that EVGA was once known only for its graphics cards. Today, the company also produces motherboards, power supplies, cases, and even some accessories. Oh – and peripherals, such as the TORQ X10 gaming mouse, which we’ve given a good test over the past month. Read on to learn how it fared.

Page 3 – Testing and Final Thoughts

I used this mouse for almost one month solid, every single day. I used it for everything from writing and HTML coding this review (enter the programmable multi-key macros) to playing Battlefield 4, Half-Life 2, and just casual web surfing. This mouse quickly became a natural extension of my hand – like it was custom made just for me. The ergonomics leave nothing to be desired – whether you have small hands with long fingers, short fingers with a big hand, the TORQ X10 is so customizable that these things just don’t matter anymore.

As with many gaming mice, the cord on this mouse is so light and easy moving, it quickly makes you forget that you are using a corded mouse, with the one exception – you don’t have to change batteries, ever!

The surface where your hand resides is a textured plastic, not rubber. I personally do not care for rubber on a mouse. It tends to hold in heat, and also seems to be a dirt magnet that is not easily cleaned. The plastic surfaces of the mouse kept my hand cool, the texture made it very pleasing to operate.

The sides of the mouse, which would be carbon fiber, if this was the carbon fiber model, are shiny plastic. I think that I would have preferred the textured plastic be carried through the whole body of the mouse, but I can see why they did not. The shiny portions really give the mouse a fantastic contrast, and the black with the deep copper colored buttons gives the mouse a seriously hot look.

As far as build quality, this thing feels absolutely top notch. You would have never guessed that it was EVGA’s first mouse offering. EVGA must have really done its homework on the design and manufacture of this mouse, as it is a seriously impressive tool. No plastic creaking or squeaking, no unfinished edges, and all of the buttons feel fantastic.

The only real qualm I have with this mouse as a whole, really is the software component, and even that complaint is a minor one. The software is not as fluid and easy to use as it could be – I could not simply pick it up and master it quickly like I could with others. But this being the company’s first venture into peripherals, I cannot be too critical of that one aspect.

EXGA X10 TORQ Gaming Mouse

Bottom line is this – EVGA has never made a mouse before. If you were to buy this mouse, which by the way is very competitively priced at $69.99 and $99.99 for the carbon fiber model, without knowing anything about EVGA, you would be very satisfied with your purchase. You would think by this one offering alone that EVGA was a veteran mouse manufacturer and had been going since mice were still using trac-balls.

With the top shelf components and design, there is no reason what so ever to not give this mouse a serious thought if you are in the market for one. Even if you are not a gamer and have no plans on programming buttons, just plug this thing in and use it, you will not be disappointed, especially at this price point.

EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse - Techgage Editor's Choice
EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse

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