eVGA 7800 GT PCI-E 256MB

by Rob Williams on August 22, 2005 in Graphics & Displays

If you are looking for a killer gaming card, but find the 7800GTX too expensive, then you will want to check out the recently released 7800GT. It’s been scaled down to 20 Pipes and 7 Vertex Units but it still packs a massive punch. We are taking a look at the eVGA version, which comes pre-overclocked! Time to see what this beast can do.

Guild Wars

Guild Wars takes the best elements of today’s massively multiplayer online games and combines them with a new mission-based design that eliminates some of the more tedious aspects of those games. You can meet new friends in towns or outposts, form a party, and then go tackle a quest together. Your party always has its own unique copy of the quest map, so camping, kill-stealing, and long lines to complete quests are all things of the past. Within a Guild Wars quest you have unprecedented freedom and power to manipulate the world around you; with the dynamic quest system, your accomplishments have a unique influence on your future.

Even when released, Guild Wars did not push technical boundries. The graphics are superb and colorful, but don’t do THAT much to push the graphics to the limit. We are using this as a benchmark to give you a general idea of what kind of performance to expect in this MMO. If these screenshots appeal to you, you may want to consider trying it out for yourself. It’s the first commercial MMO that does not require a monthly fee, so that in itself is a great deal.

To benchmark, I ran my character through a bustling Ascalon City for two minutes, and captured the FPS information using Fraps. Each run would have been slightly different even if I took the same route, due to people moving and other factors.

Even though the game didn’t hit 60FPS, it was so fluid that one would easily think it was much more. Even hitting only 40FPS at max settings at 1280 felt like 60 – 70FPS. If you currently play other MMO’s with similar graphics style, such as World of Warcraft, you could expect similar performance.

For all you racing fans, let’s next benchmark NFS: Underground 2.

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