eVGA 7800 GT PCI-E 256MB

by Rob Williams on August 22, 2005 in Graphics & Displays

If you are looking for a killer gaming card, but find the 7800GTX too expensive, then you will want to check out the recently released 7800GT. It’s been scaled down to 20 Pipes and 7 Vertex Units but it still packs a massive punch. We are taking a look at the eVGA version, which comes pre-overclocked! Time to see what this beast can do.

F.E.A.R Demo

Before Doom III was released, many people upgraded their PC’s so that they could play the game with great quality. Well.. that was last year, and F.E.A.R. is this year. This game, by Monolith proves to be the next game that may require your upgrade if you want to play on high details, especially 1280*960 or higher. This game is extremely system intensive, therefore we are again benchmarking this game with 1GB and 2GB of system memory. Again, for the 2GB of memory (512*4 Ballistix), we are using the same timings of 2.5-3-3-8 and CPU speed of 2.7GHz.

To benchmark, I used the saviour of all benchmarking tools, Fraps. I ran through the demo for two minutes and then took the total average FPS with Fraps. The first graph is results with 1GB of ram, and the second is with 2GB. Trust me, this game was not very playable with 1GB of memory.

As you can easily see, the extra 1GB of memory made a massive difference. It was almost like adding a second GPU into the mix. This is one game that looks to almost require SLi if you plan on running 1600*1200. Insane graphics, but wow.. the requirements are the most extreme I’ve seen lately.

Now that the gaming reviews are done, let’s check out the Overclocking ability on this card!

Rob Williams

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