eVGA 7800 GT PCI-E 256MB

by Rob Williams on August 22, 2005 in Graphics & Displays

If you are looking for a killer gaming card, but find the 7800GTX too expensive, then you will want to check out the recently released 7800GT. It’s been scaled down to 20 Pipes and 7 Vertex Units but it still packs a massive punch. We are taking a look at the eVGA version, which comes pre-overclocked! Time to see what this beast can do.


As I had hoped, the 7800GT is quite overclockable. Even though eVGA threw on a decent OC already, making the clocks 445/1.07GHz, I still wanted to bring it higher. After a lot of tinkering, the highest stable OC was 470/1.12GHz, and that’s the settings that all the OC results in this review are of. I tried higher settings, such as 480/1.15, but games and 3D Mark will crash the majority of the time. I have seen some people clock at 490/1.2 and score around 8,200 on 3D Mark ’05, on stock air. WC or performance cooling may bring even more amazing results.

When the 7800GTX’s first came out, it was quickly noticed that the Core Clock would jump about 40MHz whenever it was using a 3D application. Not surprisingly, the same is true with the 7800GT.

Technically, whatever your real core is, it will be increased by approx. 40MHz in games. This doesn’t really affect you directly, but because of this, we get better performance. Different parts of the Core apparently operate at different MHz, which is why we see a jump. More information can be had here.

The impressive thing is, that even overclocked the card manages to keep awesome temperatures. With all the benchmarking done in this review, the card did not go over 65ºC!

It would be nice if eVGA would offer their ACS cooling kit to the 7800GT. Then we could potentially reach even higher speeds at lower temps. If they ever release a version for this card, I will definitely be checking that out.

Rob Williams

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