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by Rob Williams on January 11, 2006 in Peripherals

Gamers don’t want to put up with subpar equipment… they want the best. Seeing that high-end hardware can be extremely expensive, it’s good to start with the modest mousepad! Today, we are taking a look at the Func sUrface 1030 mousepad, which looks to offer much more to the gamer than other pads on the market.

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As seen in the pictures, there is a hole for your finger at the bottom. This will allow you to lift the mouse and it’s base out of the case. When you purchase the mouse pad, you will have two options of the base to choose from. There is the pure black “Suede-Feel Hard Plastic Base” which is the version in this review, or the “Machine Billet Aluminum”, which is much more solid but will cost you an additional $15. Once you lift the base out, you will find a brochure, case badge and cord clip.

The clip should be elaborated on, because it can be quite useful. If you’ve ever blamed your losing streak on your mouse cord, then this is the solution. All it does is clip to the top of the pad, and will allow you to run your cord through it. There’s a slot on the top of the pad for the clip, so there will be no worry about it becoming unstable. On the bottom of the base are some gel feet, which are guaranteed to keep the pad in place “even during the most intense gaming sessions”.

Just like the Steelpad 4D we evaluated last year, this pad is two sided to better suit your playing style.

Since mouse pad specs are not exactly my strong point, I will let the official site do the talking:

    Double-Sided Surface Component

  • New large surface area (11.5″ x 9.5″) ensures that you never run out of mousing area at critical moments
  • The redesigned Archetype is more than 20% larger than the original sUrface1030 mousing solution
  • Reversible surface sheet has two unique textures to accommodate your preference, both designed to provide exceptionally precise tracking of your optical or laser mouse

    Base Component: Available in Soft-Feel Hard Plastic or Machined Billet Aluminum

  • New attractive shape – allows for even more mousing area
  • Completely redesigned base:
    • The Soft-Feel hard-base component has a sleek, soft-feel coating that feels like suede
    • The Machined Billet Aluminum (MBA) base component will quickly turn your friends green with envy
  • New ‘finger holes’ in the base enable the surface sheet to be turned over quickly and easily – allowing you to switch between surface textures within a matter of seconds
  • Houses the surface component and is still less than 1/8″ high for your comfort
  • Incorporates feet made from a revolutionary material that has unrivalled traction qualities to ensure the product stays in place, even during the most intense gaming sessions

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