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by Rob Williams on January 11, 2006 in Peripherals

Gamers don’t want to put up with subpar equipment… they want the best. Seeing that high-end hardware can be extremely expensive, it’s good to start with the modest mousepad! Today, we are taking a look at the Func sUrface 1030 mousepad, which looks to offer much more to the gamer than other pads on the market.

Page 3 – Testing & Conclusion

There’s not too much software out there to test out a mouse pad. This is fine, because without a doubt, the best way to test out a mouse pad is to simply use it. To do this, I decided to tear myself from my work to put in a few hard hours of gaming.

I fired up Unreal Tournament 2004 and played a few rounds offline and online. Once those few arduous hours were over, I sat straight up and forced myself to a few intense hours of Day of Defeat: Source. Of course I’d rather be working instead of gaming, but this is what we do for you guys.

Since I took a look at the Steelpad 4D last year, I haven’t used anything since. It was a superb mouse pad also, and it certainly got a lot of use. One thing I really enjoyed about the 4D though, is the dual side. I am glad to have this feature once again on this mouse pad, and I am sure this will be the way of many mouse pads from now on.

Within the first few minutes of playing Unreal Tournament, I was impressed. The glide on this mouse pad is incredible; perfectly smooth. The feet on the bottom of my MX518 are getting to the point of their lives where they can be considered warn out. I’ve been using it for near a year, and it’s had a lot of mileage. Even with these warn feet though, it had felt like I applied mouse tape to the bottom of them, even though I had not.

It wasn’t until playing DoD: Source that I finally clued in about turning the pad over to use the other side. The first side tested was the textured one, while the opposite side is ultra smooth… perfect for balled mice. Even with my optical mouse though, I enjoyed using this side more than the textured side. Because of the ultra-smoothness of this side, you will get a far better glide than from using the textured side. Depending on how you play your games and how high you keep your in-game sensitivity, you will have to decide which side is better for you.


This review is somewhat unique, because I opened up the product and finished the review the same day. That doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes the reviews just write themselves. As soon as I began using the sUrface1030 Archetype, I was impressed. I have never personally used the IceMat before, as Greg did last month, but this mouse pad is by far the best that I have ever used.

This is not only a great product, but a perfect product. Sure, this mouse pad is potentially the best in the world, but it also rolls in at a fantastic price as well. For the $25 price, you get a lot of mouse pad and a great carrying case. If you are in the market for a new mouse pad and don’t want to func around, pick up this one. You will not be disappointed.

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