G. Skill 2GB F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ

by Rob Williams on August 16, 2006 in Miscellaneous

If you are in the market for a memory kit that offers great overclocking ability along with an ideal price, then G. Skill may have you covered. Equipped with the amazing Micron GMH chips, these modules have some pushing power.

Page 4 – Sciencemark, Super Pi, Final Thoughts

Sciencemark has proven to be one of my favorite benchmarking tools in recent memory, because it’s very, very in-depth. PC Mark is rather useless, but I like to use it to see how the memory overclocks benefit over one another. 3D Mark is a great tool for testing out the benefits of CPU and memory overclocks, which is why it’s being used.

My angst against PC Mark is easily described here. Note the scores for the middle overclock… G. Skills proved near 1,000 points lower, even though it was 100% stable. This was after two runs, to assure there wasn’t a hitch. Again, at the top overclock, the G. Skill proved 400 points higher than the VX2. Seems odd to me. Regardless, each set of modules one some rounds, while the other won the rest. Tough competition!

Super Pi

My favorite kind of Pi, aside from one that contains apple. The VX2 took the crown in all but the first test. As it should for it’s premium price.

Final Thoughts

Whew, what a ride! I have to say, after getting to play with these modules I am left satisfied. Though I wasn’t able to overclock them as far as the VX2, or OCZ 7200 EPP kit, these still had a great bit of pushing power. A DDR2-800 kit that overclocks to DDR2-1100 is great in my books. I admit, it was only 98% stable at the highest overclock, but to me that’s a reliable enough setting to be considered stable.

As mentioned, your results will vary, for better or for worse. Others seem to be getting better overclocks than I am, which is a sign that I may have gotten a less than ideal kit. Maybe that shows G. Skill doesn’t cherry pick kits to send to reviewers? Would be a reassuring thought. Personally, if I was looking into purchasing a new kit of memory and only had $250~ to spend, I would be taking a good hard look at the modules we reviewed today. To my knowledge, these are some of the best, if not the best modules you can get your hands on for this price.

The price I am quoting for is NewEggs current price, which resides at $240 for two sticks. It’s originally $280, but has a $40 instant rebate. Our affiliate ads at the bottom of each page links straight to the modules at that site. Now, I am unsure why they are on sale or for how long they will be. As it stands, they have been the same price for over a month, so I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

Simply put. If you are looking for a kit of memory that will treat you well, and offers a good deal of overclocking potential, I recommend taking a look at this kit. I am awarding G. Skills PHU2-2GBHZ kit an 8 out of 10.

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