IceMat Black Siberia

by Rob Williams on October 17, 2005 in Audio & Media

With so many headsets available that are specifically designed for gamers, it makes it difficult to choose the right one. We are taking a look at the IceMat Black Siberia, based off the original Siberia that has been given countless awards. Let’s jump right in and take a fresh look at this cool product!

Closer Look

One thing I can verify, is that the Siberia does not have a ‘cheap’ feeling. The design is unique, but proven. The design can also be seen in the new Plaintronics Audio 110 headset. The most noticeable difference between this headset and others, is the arc. It has a design to allow good airflow, which adds to the comfort level. The head strap is connected to wires that will adjust as you put the headset on.

This is the primary reason that the headset is so comfortable. It expands and adjusts to fit your head shape, so it should technically feel good, regardless of who’s wearing it. Next up is the earpieces, which add even more to comfort.

The earpieces are large and will cover your ear completely, which will in turn deliver the maximum sound. They are well cushioned as you can see from the pictures, and this is what makes them a pleasure to wear. One thing I immediately noticed upon putting them on for the first time, is that it doesn’t even feel like my ears were touching the inside foam, even though they were.

Last month, I took a look at the Altec Lansing AHS602i headset, which was also quite comfortable. The only problem with it was, that after a while, you ears and head would get so warm, you’d be forced to take them off. This was due to the earpiece design, they just gave little air circulation. I was very pleased that the Siberia did not have these problems in the least. I could wear them for hours on end without any sort of discomfort.

The microphone for the Siberia is not attached to the headphones, like most others. Instead, it’s a separate piece on it’s own cord. It’s quite small, and has a clip so that you can attach it to your shirt. This is one problem I had with the Siberia, albeit a small one. The clip is not very large, so it’s hard to clip anywhere except for your shirt. It was too small to clip to my laptop monitor, although I hoped it would.

One problem I ran in to, is that since my room get’s so hot because of the computer, I usually game shirtless while gaming. I tend to heat up quite a bit when I’m getting owned. At any rate, shirtless, I had nothing to clip it to. My workaround was clipping it instead to the headphones cord, which to my surprise worked quite well. In Counter-Strike, other players could hear me no problem.

The Siberia has an extremely unique design, but it works. I was curious at first if I would even like the feel of it, but that was quickly rid as soon as I put them on.

Rob Williams

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