Ideazon MERC Stealth Gaming Keyboard

by K. Samwell on November 6, 2007 in Peripherals

Gamers love using peripherals that give them an edge, but is Ideazon’s MERC Stealth one of those products? That’s what we were set to find out. One thing is clear… this is a feature-packed keyboard, though it might not be for everyone.

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There’s a small amount of grumbling online about Ideazon products, defective keyboards, misbehaving keyboards, lost keymaps, stalled and stuttered typing etc, however everything I’ve seen indicates they have better than average customer service.

Things happen, products are shipped that are damaged. This company, from all appearances, seems to stand by their product and will work with you to get it working or replace it completely. So far this keyboard has performed excellently. Even though I’ve had some adjustment from an ergo to this non-ergo keyboard, it has been surprisingly forgiving.

Caveat emptor. Do your research and make sure you know what you are buying, and why.
Read reviews and toss out the highest and lowest scoring reviews, go with the middle and you’ll get the best representation of the overall quality and reliability of these products.

Final Thoughts

So is this a $90 keyboard? Maybe. It has quite a few amazing features, some bells and whistles and some overlooked possibilities, but my overall impression of this keyboard warrants an 8.5 out of 10 – which if you’re used to my reviews is quite a high mark for me to give out. It lost marks for having underpowered USB ports, missing strafe keys on the terrain, doubling up the usage of the numpad and the find/home/pgup etc keys.

Tiny marks were lost for the illumination not being defaulted to last setting and positioning of the headphone and mic jacks. No marks were deducted for this being a wired keyboard as wireless keyboards have a habit of dying on you, either by signal loss or battery drain, at the least opportune moment in your fast paced game.

I understand that a corded version is most desired by a hardcore gamer simply because you know it’s not going to die on you (hopefully). And even though my hands and wrists are killing me, I didn’t deduct any points for this being a non-ergonomic keyboard because I realize I’m in the minority of users with regards to ergo keyboards, and the gaming terrain is ergonomic enough for most people to be comfortable on this device.

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