Ikonik Ra2000 Liquid Full-Tower Chassis Review

by Greg King on October 31, 2011 in Cases & PSUs

Self-contained liquid CPU coolers have become a dime-a-dozen (figuratively, of course), but it’s still not often when we see a chassis released with liquid cooling built-in. We’re taking a look at one such option here, from Ikonik. So let’s see what the Ra2000 Liquid is made off, and see if it deserves its $400 price tag.

Page 4 – Final Thoughts

I haven’t fiddled with water in a very long time. Having looked at some Danger Den kit back in 2006, I knew what went into building a quality water loop in a computer. Ikonik and Logisys takes care of this planning and work for you by building everything out before the Ra2000 Liquid even leaves the factory. This in and of itself is impressive. I’ve had a few mishaps with water in year’s past and know that water and electronics can be a recipe for disaster. It’s not something the faint of heart should undertake, but with the Ra2000 Liquid, anyone can do this.

As much as I like the Ra2000 Liquid it is not without its faults. The front optical drive bay covers are extremely flimsy and can be bent if you grab the case incorrectly. The tubing used is a bit on the narrow end and could be prone to kinking in the tighter areas of the case. It needs to be mentioned that we did not see this happen in our review sample but with anything that is mass produced, I can see this potentially being a problem.

Ikonik Ra 2000 Liquid-Cooling Chassis

Our time spent with the Ra2000 Liquid was positive overall. I appreciated the look and feel of the chassis, both inside and out, but do think that a bit too much plastic is used on the front and top of the case. Plastic that scratches and shows any little smudge is difficult to keep up with. That said, it does look good, regardless of the material it’s made with.

The frame of the Ra2000 Liquid is steel and very strong. You can get a Ra2000 without the water kit installed and I feel that it would make a great chassis for someone’s custom build. For those who might be a little less adventurous, the Ra2000 Liquid might just suit your needs perfectly.

I personally like a full-tower chassis. Ample room to work and route cables as I see fit is a major factor when I go to purchase a tower for my own computer. While I am currently using a mid-tower chassis, the Fractal Designs Define R3, the Ra2000 Liquid reminds me of why I have always enjoyed a full-tower. In the end, my only complaint with this case is the price. Seen online for just under $400, the Ra2000 Liquid might be a bit steep for most shoppers. Then again, this isn’t for most builders.

Ikonik Ra 2000 Liquid-Cooling Chassis

For the majority of the PC community, water cooling is a far off idea that everyone thinks is neat but most don’t have the desire to attempt it for themselves. In the case of the Ra2000 Liquid, Ikonik has done all the work for you. You literally build your machine around the water loop and then integrate it into your computer at the end. And let’s be honest, a water pump, reservoir and two radiators are not cheap. They obviously add to the overall cost of such a chassis so you must take this into consideration when you get past the sticker shock of $400.

Overall, the Ikonik Ra2000 Liquid is an interesting product, especially with Logisys having put its name behind it. It’s not perfect, but it will get the job done for those who like the design and insist on an all-in-one liquid cooled chassis.

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