Cascade Lake Effect: A Performance Look At Intel’s Core i9-10980XE

by Rob Williams on November 25, 2019 in Processors

We’ve reached the third generation of eighteen core desktop processors from Intel, with the launch of the new Core X-series, and its flagship Core i9-10980XE. Even with a bump to the max Turbo clock, and an increase of officially supported memory speed and total density, the most notable thing about Intel’s latest flagship is actually something else: its sub-$1,000 price tag.

Page 6 – Rendering: Cinebench, Cinema 4D, Corona, LuxMark, POV-Ray

We covered a handful of major renderers on the previous page, but we’re not done yet. On this page, we’re going to take a look at a few more, including some industry mainstays and newbies. That includes Corona Renderer, which we recently upgraded to version 5. We’re foregoing Adobe Dimension performance for this review, since we haven’t seen realistic scaling with the new version 3.0, and have not yet been able to investigate (typical Adobe new-release teething problems).

To give you an opportunity to test your own hardware against ours, we’re also including the ever-popular Cinebench standalone benchmark, which represents current R20 performance. This test, along with the latest version of POV-Ray, act as our only single-threaded angles in the article. For good measure, the performance on this page will be capped off the real Cinema 4D, to see how it agrees with CB.

Cinema 4D R21

Maxon Cinema 4D R21
Maxon Cinema 4D R21 - Candies Render Performance (Intel Core i9-10980XE)
Maxon Cinema 4D R21 - Interior Render Performance (Intel Core i9-10980XE)

Cinebench R20

Maxon Cinebench R20 - Multi-threaded Score (Intel Core i9-10980XE)
Maxon Cinebench R20 - Single-threaded Score (Intel Core i9-10980XE)

Corona Renderer

Corona 5 in 3ds Max
Chaos Czech Corona Renderer 5 Performance - Livingroom Scene (Intel Core i9-10980XE)
Chaos Czech Corona Renderer 5 Performance - Sales Gallery Scene (Intel Core i9-10980XE)


LuxMark v4
LuxMark Food (C++) Render Performance (Intel Core i9-10980XE)
LuxMark Hall Bench (C++) Render Performance (Intel Core i9-10980XE)


POV-Ray 3.8 Multi-threaded Score (Intel Core i9-10980XE)
POV-Ray 3.8 Single-threaded Score (Intel Core i9-10980XE)

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