Iolo System Mechanic 5

by Matthew Harris on July 1, 2005 in Software

Are you the type of person who always wants to keep your PC in top running condition? Of course you are. Iolo promises to help, with their award winning System Mechanic 5. Does it have what it takes to pass our tests?


One was a pop under program. Spython made short work of removing them which is nice, but I’d like to see an addition made to the software to help guard against further occurrences of spyware, essentially making it nearly impossible for infected websites to inject this malware onto a persons PC. A one click inoculation would be a nice addition to this part of the software.

There are more features to the software that I haven’t covered but that’s simply because I haven’t had a need to try them but judging on how well the rest of the suite works I’m certain that they’ll work just fine. All in all what I did test seemed to be pretty bulletproof.

A quick word on the internet optimizer. It’s a nearly one touch speed up for anything from broadband, to LAN to modem based internet connectivity. From my own experiences it worked out to net about a 25% increase in download speeds via my crusty 28.8 dialup connection. My average download speeds went from 2.6-2.9KB/S to a solid 3.4KB/S which in the world of dialup is pretty close to stepping out of a Yugo and sliding behind the wheel of a Mini Cooper S. Not a big difference but still a noticeable increase in speed and performance. My KoL game has never been more shpankity.

In the end, I rate System Mechanic 5 as a very user friendly piece of software that makes life a bit easier for a very attractive price point. Yes, there are a few gems that need polishing but they remain gems nonetheless. The biggest drawback I see is the lack of illustrated documentation which would be beneficial to the novice users out there but for anyone of intermediate knowledge and above the interface fairly much is self explanatory making instructions largely un-needed.

I suggest that you head over to their site and download the trial version and give it a run, I think you’ll be pretty pleased with the results.

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System Mechanic 5 costs $49.99US, or $69.95 for the Professional version. Hunting around your usual PC shop or e-tailer, you are bound to save $5 – $20 depending on the version.