JustPC R910 Server Tower

by Greg King on November 2, 2006 in Cases & PSUs

Run a server? Want a huge chassis? The R910 from JustPC was made for people like you. Besides the fact that the case is huge and allows two full sized power supplies, there are other additions that may sway your decision.

Page 2 – Interior

On the side of the case, we see that the door not only has a 120mm intake to blow cool air across the video card(s) and CPU, but also an open area near the bottom too. This is to provide a constant amount of air flow across the motherboard, CPU and video cards. One nice feature of the side fan mount is the included screen to filter out dust.

The back of the PC is where we notice that the R910 isn’t your standard server/SOHO case. There is room for a pair of power supplies should you choose to go that route. Below the openings for the power supplies, we see the I/O space and the grill for a 120mm exhaust fan, also included.

Moving onto the inside, we notice a few more nice surprises. The interior of the R910 is spacious to say the least. With only one power supply installed, there is plenty of room for almost anything you can think of. I personally plan to add a dual 120mm radiator to the top of the case but that’s another article for another time and place.

The HDD cage at the bottom in the front of the case had rubber shock absorbers that go around the mounting screws for the hard drive. This dampens vibrations and should, depending on the number of hard drives you are using, reduce overall noise coming from the PC. This is a small, yet nice feature that I would like to see all case manufacturers adopt.

At the back of the case, we see that JustPC has decided to skip the tool free back plate and for one, I am glad. You use a regular old screw to mount your add-in cards for video, sound, telephony or perhaps, even a PhysX card.

Included with the R910 is a small box with all the extra screws you could need. Also included are spacers to place between your motherboard and the screws, a speaker as well as the motherboard stand offs. Also included with the other accessories, is a dual PSU connector. This allows you to use a pair of power supplies that will both power on when you power your PC on.

At the front of the case, we see the audio hook up, the USB and IEEE 1394 pins, the front power LED Molex connector and the audio connectors as well.

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