Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD Review

by Robert Tanner on February 5, 2013 in Storage

Looking for an affordable SSD but demand a high-performance controller? Kingston’s SSDNow V300 is shaping up to be just that. Powered by a SandForce SF-2281 controller and paired with Toshiba’s 19nm Toggle-based NAND, it’s an aggressive entrant for its price-point. Let’s check it out.

Synthetic: HD Tune Pro 5.0

HD Tune is still primarily an HDD benchmark, but we include it as an alternative for those consumers that prefer it for one reason or another. The free version does not perform write tests, but otherwise is available for free here.

Curiously, as opposed to AS SSD, HD Tune seems to like the V300 for a reason we can’t identify. As we can see, the V300 delivers both better average and minimum results than the HyperX 3K in the sequential read test, and does so again in the various random read tests. While this is a good showing, we are more inclined to recommend the AS SSD results.