Lamptron FC Touch Fan Controller Review

by Ryan Perry on March 18, 2011 in Cooling

Think fan controllers are boring? You haven’t seen Lamptron’s FC Touch, then. This is a unit that’s encapsulates three important factors. It looks great, is powerful, and is simple to use. It can power up to 6x 30W fans, and it has a touch screen that’s reliable and does just what is promised. Though a bit expensive, the FC Touch is unmatched.

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This controller has completely restored my faith in touch based units. It is very simple yet attractively designed, built for some serious punishment thanks to high-end components, the touch screen responds instantly with very little pressure needed and is precise enough for users to really fine-tune each fan in their system with ease. The display can also be viewed at some very extreme angles making it ideal regardless of the location of the case.

I am sitting here trying to find fault with the FC Touch and can only think of one thing. Light that can be seen coming from behind the top edge of the face plate. It would have been nice to see the face plate could extend over the glass in order to block this out. On a controller that works this well, I may just be splitting hairs but it is something to note for those who pride themselves on the appearance of their case.

Availability of this controller seems to be a quite sparse. I could not find a Canadian retailer that carried this particular model. Only a handful of retailers in the US seem to carry it but it comes in at around $70. This may seem like a lot but if you manage to find one at your local retailer, jump at the chance. In the case of this controller, the premium certainly seems valid.

Lamptron FC Touch Fan Controller

Given this impressive product, you can bet that I will continue to keep a close eye on Lamptron to see what else the company rolls out next.

Lamptron FC Touch Fan Controller
Lamptron FC Touch Fan Controller

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